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Are keloids genetic?

A keloid is a type of scar that forms when there’s too much collagen in the skin. It can be caused by injury, particularly from rubbing or squeezing the area. But it can also happen without a specific cause. Keloid is more prevalent among some races and families regardless read more

How to flatten keloid scars very fast

A keloid scar is an overgrowth of scar tissue that can develop in response to any type of damage to the skin or body from cuts, burns, and insect bites. Keloid scars may not be physically larger than other scars, but they tend to grow in irregular shapes that read more

What is the best treatment for keloid scar 2022?

Scars are beautiful and tell stories of what we have been through. However, the story behind what the body has been through is not always worth carrying the scar around. Sometimes, you need to get that flawless skin back, make it seem like it never went through what it read more

How to prevent keloid on ear piercing

It is really sad when a dream-piercing turns into a nightmare by going wrong. You only wanted to look good. That should not be a problem, right? Well, I agree with you. But you know it is not usually the fault of the person who helped you with piercings read more

Myths and facts about keloids you should know

You saw a bump on your ear piercing and you are scared it is a keloid?  You may be right or wrong. Do you even know what keloids are?  Whether yes or no, you still need to continue reading, because this article gives you all details you need to read more

What happens during Keloid removal? 

There are several reasons why a keloid scar may occur on your body. However, no matter why they start or where they develop on your body, you don’t have to cope with them simply.   There are a variety of ways that you can treat keloids. However, one of the read more

How to treat keloids on your belly piercing

When you have a piercing added to your body, you will want everything to go well and for your piercing site to heal quickly and well. For the most part, things run smoothly; however, there is always a chance that you can develop issues and one example of this read more

Steroid Injections for Raised Scars: How it Works?

SCARS CAN BE OF VARIOUS TYPES: linear composite sunken and hollowed out from healing the keloids What Does A Scar Involve? Alteration of the state and integrity of the skin, scar tissue develops subcutaneous adhesions, decreased elasticity (keloids) and mechanical traction on the tissue of the affected area. The read more

How Can Laser Resurfacing Help You To Get Rid Of Scars?

Ever wonder how laser resurfacing treatment can help you to get rid of your scars? Perhaps that unsightly acne one? We will share with you your best option. Scars result from a natural process by which our body remedies wounds of various kinds, which can be caused by trauma read more

Keloid On-Ear: Causes and Treatments

Keloid on-ear is a skin lesion, very similar to scars but of abnormal size. It appears as a result of trauma, burns, abrasions and wounds or eventually after surgery. Although, keloid on-ear, which form due to piercings and earrings, is a common issue.  They appear as an excessive swelling read more

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