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What is a keloid scar?

What is a keloid scar: A keloid scar is a fibrous, elevated scars which occur due to a wound on the skin. This can be as small as an ear piercing if the tendency is there. Keloid scarring is usually a genetic trait but can be caused due to a wound infection or trauma around the location of a wound.

Keloid scarring is not like an ordinary scar and can appear very raised and bumpy, does not grow hair and can be red, pink, skin colour or darker than the skin tone in appearance. Keloid scars can take months – even years to develop and once they are there, they will not fade with time, unless professionally treated. Common areas for keloid scarring are the chest, shoulders, jawline, mid-line of the stomach and we treat a lot of ear keloids. All skin types can experience keloid scarring, however, it does tend to more commonly affect those with darker skins.

At The London Keloid Scar Clinic, part of the London Cosmetic Clinic in Harley Street – the hub for cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery in the UK – we offer a wide-range of treatments to effectively remove or reduce keloid scarring.

We have a team of leading doctors who are extensively trained and experienced in treating this specific type of scar tissue as well as state-of-the-art and innovative treatments and devices. We can offer the most revolutionary, long-lasting, and most importantly safe treatments within a regulated and clinical environment.

What is a keloid scar? What is keloid removal comprised of?

Treatments for keloid scarring comes in several forms and depend on the location and size of the scar, as well as patient preference. Topical creams, steroid injections, IPL or laser technology, surgical removal, pressure therapy and even chemotherapy; or a combination of several treatments are available here at the London Keloid Scar Clinic. The treatment, or treatments, best suited to your individual requirements will be discussed at a pre-treatment consultation with one of our practitioners, prior to any treatment being carried out.

It is at this meeting that you will be able to ask all the questions you might have as well as discuss treatment options, costs, the timescales involved with the treatment and expected results. Every patient is unique and we understand that treating keloid scars is not a ‘one size fits all’ exercise. Therefore, an initial consultation is vital for you and your practitioner to understand your concerns and expectations as well as plan a tailored and bespoke course of treatment/s, best suited to your needs.

Get a specialist doctor to removal your keloid scar in London

Keloid scars can be emotionally upsetting and worrying if they appear sometime after the original skin injury. However, at the London Keloid Scar Clinic we can help you to understand keloid scarring as well as offer you the most appropriate and suitable course of action, to get rid of your keloid scar and to help you prevent further keloid scars occurring, with our extensive medical expertise.

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