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Booking a consultation and the treatment process

Located on Harley street, Central London, the London Keloid Clinic is a leading centre for keloid removal. If you have keloids and are interested in having treatment with us, please see below the patient journey at our clinic.

Step 1

There are various ways that you can contact us.
WhatsApp: +44(0)7789683324

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Step 2

Once we’ve received your enquiry, our team will contact you to either book a complimentary face to face consultation with our doctors, or a video consultation. At which point we will discuss all of the suitable treatment options.

Step 3

If you decide to go ahead with a treatment, we will arrange a date and time for a full medical consultation and treatment plan for you. In order to book the treatment, we require a deposit of 50% of the treatment cost via bank transfer or we could send you a link to pay by credit card.

Step 4

Once the treatment date and time is arranged, you will receive:
1. Pre-treatment advice
2. Links to fill your medical forms online
3. Confirmation of date and time of the appointment

Step 5

A full medical consultation takes about 30 minutes and the initial treatment usually takes up to 45 minutes. We recommend you aloow for approx an hour and half in the clinic.

Step 6

A follow up appointment with the doctor will be at around four weeks after your treatment. The doctor will check the wound and if it’s healing well, will start a course of steroids and provide pressure earrings that you should wear.

Step 7

Once you finish a course of 5 steroid injections (every two weeks for ear keloids), we recommend you carry on with silicone sheets or pressure therapy for a minimum of one year

Treatment finance

We offer 12 months interest free finance if you require it.

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The quotation will usually include:

  1. Keloid removal and steroid injection immediately post removal.
  2. A free consultation with the doctor
  3. Aftercare kit and oral antibiotic
  4. A follow up appointment
  5. A course of 5 sessions of steroid injection
  6. Silicone sheet

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