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How to flatten keloid scars very fast

A keloid scar is an overgrowth of scar tissue that can develop in response to any type of damage to the skin or body from cuts, burns, and insect bites. Keloid scars may not be physically larger than other scars, but they tend to grow in irregular shapes that are hard to flatten and shrink.

 In this article you will learn all about how to flatten keloid scars. You’ll also find out how to prevent them from happening in the first place. 

How do you flatten a keloid scar?

Keloid scars are abnormal scars that grow beyond the original boundary of the wound, and if left untreated, they can cause significant discomfort or deformity. The following are proven ways to  to flatten keloid scars

  • Use of pressure dressing

Pressure dressings are a great way to remove keloids at home, and they’re really not hard to use! They work by using the air and pressure in your lungs to push against the ear keloid. They are an amazing solution to ear keloid removal at home. A pressure dressing for ear keloid removal is simply a dressing that is applied to the ear with a thin layer of cloth or tape surrounding it. This thin layer of cloth and tape provides pressure on the ear to shrink the keloid at its base. The pressure from this and other methods help soften the keloid tissue, which can then be surgically removed.

  • Electrosurgery and steroid injection

A device that aims at rapidly and selectively destroying tissue by the passage of an electric current is used in electrosurgery. Steroid injections follow this treatment. A proper after-care involves using saline wash, an antibiotic ointment, and the correct dressings to avoid potential infection.

  • Laser/IPL treatment for keloid scar

Laser/IPL treatment is a procedure where pulses of light energy are transmitted onto the skin directly and without contact to treat scars. This can help give those unsightly marks on the face an even tone and texture that blends more naturally with the surrounding skin.

This treatment can help improve and treat the redness and discoloration of the scar after the keloids must have been flattened.

  • LCC signature combination treatment for ear keloid

This is a recommended treatment for large-sized keloid scars, which may not necessarily disappear with just the use of steroid injections.

This combination treatment can only be received at the London Cosmetic Clinic, as the name implies.

How to get rid of a keloid overnight
You can only shrink a keloid overnight. You cannot outrightly get rid of it overnight. Certain home remedies like aloe vera may play a major role in reducing the size of keloids. It can also go as far as reducing the inflammation and possible soreness which results from it. However you shouldn’t rely on home remedies because they may lead to skin reaction. It is worthy of note that applying toothpaste on a keloid has no effect whatsoever.

Frequently asked questions about keloid scars

Frequently asked questions about keloid scars

Below are some frequently asked questions about keloid scars:

Do keloids disappear naturally?

Keloids can resolve (soften and flatten) to the point where they no longer bother patients in around one-third of cases. Scars that fade on their own usually do so in the early stages. Those scars that   do not respond to treatment may require years to recover.

Do keloid scars flatten over time?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The answer is yes! Keloid scars flatten with time as the body reabsorbs them, but not all scars do that. For some people, their scar tissue actually gets tighter over time, causing more discomfort and increasing the likelihood of scar tissue disfigurement.

Can you cut off a keloid with scissors?

It will be a dangerous move to try to cut keloid with scissors.  You can complicate the scar, bleed severely and even get infected. It is  best to go to a dermatologist or surgeon for proper treatment.

How to prevent keloid scars

Keloid scars happen when the body overproduces collagen after a wound as a defense mechanism. Though you can’t stop them from happening, there are ways to prevent them from getting worse 

  • Avoid picking at your scabs! Avoid picking or popping your pimples and blackheads if you are prone to keloid scars. Even if the wart does come off, the lesion often goes deeper or is still there, but just not visible. If you continue to pick at it, scarring may occur.
  • Use retinoids. Using Tretinoin (Retin-A) 0.025% cream nightly is highly recommended. This has been shown to help reduce the incidence of keloid scars or limit their size.
  • Avoid deliberate cuts or skin breaks, such as tattoos or piercings, including on the earlobes.
  • Silicone sheeting  can help you avoid recurrence of keloid scars. Silicone sheets are proven to work by increasing the temperature, hydration, and the oxygen tension of the scar. It softens and keeps the scar flattened. 

Final words

To achieve healthy and timely keloid scar flattening results, the London Keloid Scar Clinic is your one-stop place for it. We offer excellent and hands-down service while making the entire experience comfortable!

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