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From Cause to Cure: An In-depth Examination of Keloid Scars and Innovative Treatment Options at London Keloid Scar Clinic

Keloid scars, though not harmful to our physical health, can cause emotional distress and discomfort to those affected. At London Keloid Scar Clinic, we’re dedicated to offering effective solutions for this often misunderstood and underestimated skin condition. This comprehensive guide delves into the world of keloid scars, their causes, and how innovative treatments at our clinic can help alleviate the condition.

Understanding Keloid Scars

Keloid scars are raised, often shiny, and can range from pink to dark brown. They form at the sites of skin injuries, developing due to an overgrowth of scar tissue during the healing process. Unlike regular scars, keloids don’t stop growing once the wound has healed; they continue to spread beyond the initial injury site.

What Causes Keloid Scars?

Keloid scars can form from almost any type of skin injury, from surgical incisions and burns to acne and piercings. They can affect anyone, although people with darker skin tones are more likely to develop them. Genetics also plays a role, as those with a family history of keloids are more susceptible.

The Emotional Impact of Keloid Scars

Despite being physically harmless, keloid scars can cause emotional distress due to their appearance. They can also cause discomfort, itchiness, and tenderness. Living with keloids can lead to decreased self-esteem and quality of life, making effective treatment crucial.

Treatment Options at London Keloid Scar Clinic

There’s no one-size-fits-all treatment for keloid scars. That’s why, at London Keloid Scar Clinic, we offer personalised treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Our range of treatments includes silicone sheets and gels, cryotherapy, laser treatment, and intralesional injections.

Intralesional Injections

This is one of the most common treatments for keloid scars. The procedure involves injecting a corticosteroid directly into the scar to reduce inflammation and slow down the rapid cell growth. Intralesional injections often result in the softening and flattening of the keloid scar.

Laser Therapy

We use advanced laser technology to safely and effectively reduce the appearance of keloid scars. The laser energy breaks down the scar tissue and stimulates the growth of new, healthy skin cells.

The London Keloid Scar Clinic Approach

At London Keloid Scar Clinic, we’re dedicated to providing the best care for our patients. We understand the emotional toll that keloid scars can take, and our mission is to help our patients regain confidence in their skin.

Before starting treatment, we carry out a comprehensive consultation and skin assessment to understand the extent of the condition and tailor the treatment plan accordingly.


Living with keloid scars can be a challenging journey. However, with the right treatment and professional care, they can be managed effectively.

At London Keloid Scar Clinic, we strive to offer innovative, personalised, and effective treatments to help our patients overcome the emotional and physical discomfort associated with keloid scars. If you’re seeking help for keloid scars, our experienced team is here to guide you on your path to recovery.

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