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Keloid is a benign tumour and skin disorder that develops excess scar tissue on an injury site or otherwise healthy skin. Due to its non-cancerous nature, keloid has received little attention in research, awareness and clinical management.

Even though keloid is a benign tumour, here at the London Keloid Scar Clinic, we understand the aesthetic effect of keloid and its ability to impair patients’ body functions. As such, we are committed to continuous clinical research on the causes and treatment mechanisms of keloid disorder. Aside from our efforts, we also support other keloid research efforts globally.

At the London Cosmetic Clinic, we support  Keloid Research Foundation and its mission. The Keloid research foundation was formed to foster scientific research on keloid disease, educate keloid clinicians, and support people suffering from keloid disorder. The foundation aims to bridge the research gap on keloid disorder through fundraisers, awareness campaigns and continuous research.

The foundation has an online open-access scientific publication, “Keloid Research”  The goal of this unique online journal is to create a centralized research platform for keloid clinical and laboratory research globally.

As part of its unifying effort, the Keloid Research Foundation also organises and sponsors the International Keloid Symposium. The symposium annually brings together Clinical and Laboratory scientists who are passionate and dedicated to keloid research and clinical management.

The 4th edition of the symposium was held in Montpellier, France, on the 7th -9th of October, 2022. Our Medical Director, DR SALIDA JOHNSON, was in attendance and fully participated in the 4th edition. The symposium created a forum for open debate about the scientific and clinical management of keloid disorder to create data-driven & evidence-based clinical management guidelines. The symposium gave us knowledge-sharing opportunities and broadened our horizons on keloid treatment mechanisms.

We will continue to strengthen our effort towards raising awareness and supporting patients of Keloid disorder. We are also open to supporting organizations that share and support our mission.

If you wish to support the goals of the Keloid Research Foundation, you can donate to the charity with the link below.


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