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Choosing a keloid specialist: When a wound on the skin heals, it can leave a scar. In most cases, these scars are flat and will fade in time. However, if you are someone who experiences keloid scarring, you will know that any wound that is inflicted on you, can results in this type of scar.

What is a keloid scar? What causes them?

A keloid scar is an enlarged, raised scar which can appear as pink, red, skin-toned or darker than the skin which surrounds it. It is thought that keloid scarring occurs due to an over production of scar tissue. If someone experiences keloid scarring, it can occur even after the most minor forms of skin damage, such as acne spots, piercings or small cuts. Keloid scarring can spread way beyond the original area of skin damage, can develop long after the injury and will last for years if un-treated.

Keloid scars more commonly appear on the upper chest, stomach, shoulders, jaw lines and ear, which can mean that a person who experiences them feels self-conscious and would like to get rid of them, as they tend to be placed in more visible parts of the body. All skin types can experience keloid scarring. However, they tend to be more common in people with dark skin – such as those from Africa, African-Caribbean and South Indian communities.

Although Keloid scars can be unsightly, they can be itchy and painful, if located on a joint, they can also limit movement, having an effect on daily activities such as sports and general mobility.

Choosing a keloid scar specialist for keloid removal

If you are someone who is looking to treat a keloid scar, then searching for an expert who understands the causes of this condition and is armed with multiple treatment options, can be tricky. Keloid scarring needs to be recognised and understood by any practitioner who is treating them, as some, traditional ablative treatments could in fact make keloid scarring worse. Keloid scarring is a condition and not limited to one area. If someone suffers with this and does not receive the right treatment from a fully-qualified, highly-experienced, knowledgeable skin expert, things could go very wrong.

At The London Keloid Scar Clinic at 4 Harley Street, London, our team of dermatological experts at our Keloid Scar Clinic specialise in this condition and have an armoury of state-of-the-art treatments, which can be used alone, or combined in a holistic approach to effectively removing or reducing keloid scarring.

All of the advanced keloid treatments performed here at our Keloid Scar Clinic are sourced from reputable specialist brands and performed to the highest medical standards. We are not only remove the keloid but also prevent it reoccur. Our impeccably-trained team consists of leading doctors, dermatologists and laser experts, all dedicated to offering the safest and most professional care possible. Each treatment is medically-proven and carry CE and/or FDA approval, offering premium quality medication, products, devices and equipment.

Our specialist keloid removal clinicians have removed hundreds of keloids over the years from their Harley Street base, and have built a reputation as the best keloid removal clinic in London today.

Specialist keloid treatment at The London Keloid Scar Clinic

Our team understand that keloid scarring can cause emotional upset and embarrassment and are passionate about helping people improve the quality of their skin for a happier life, every day. For more information and to book a zero-obligation consultation with one of our keloid scar treatment experts, contact our friendly reception team.

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