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What is the best treatment for keloid scar 2022?

Scars are beautiful and tell stories of what we have been through. However, the story behind what the body has been through is not always worth carrying the scar around. Sometimes, you need to get that flawless skin back, make it seem like it never went through what it went through, and snatch your body confidence back.

Keloids are one of the not-so-good scars you would want to keep. They either appear because of genetics, burns, the aftermath of an accident, piercing, or something as minimal as insect bites.

This article would be exposing you to the treatment for keloids in 2022, the numerous ways to get it done, the fast routes to getting rid of keloids, as well as how to get rid of keloid scars permanently, in different ways that are best suitable and easy for you to choose from. 


Keloids are overgrown scar tissue that tends to be larger than the original wound itself. They develop when collagen- a protein found in the body that is useful for wound healing is produced in excess. Some of the things that may trigger keloids on the body include; body piercing, burns, injection, acne, bumps, and any sort of skin injury.

Can you ever get rid of keloid scars?

Remember that keloids themselves do not just appear on the body for no reason, therefore it is a problem when the person who has it sees it as one, and a problem often has a solution. Keloids rarely go away on their own; there are different ways to get rid of keloids.

How to get rid of keloid scars at home 

Most victims find how to get rid of keloids fast because it takes a toll on their body confidence, especially when they appear in places where they are easily visible. People turn to so many options such as the use of ginger, garlic, onion, and honey among others. Some people go as far as applying toothpaste on keloids when in actual sense, it cannot have any effect because it cannot penetrate the skin. Your skin may be sensitive to these home ingredients and using them may cause damage to your skin.

 Aside from that, if you successfully use these home remedies, your keloid has a higher chance of recurring. This is because keloids are not just normal body injuries. According to keloid medical experts, keloids often grow as a result of genetics. Therefore, keloid scars require special medical procedures with proper follow-ups as suggested by medical experts; to prevent future recurrence or complications from treatments.

Effective ways to get rid of keloids include;

Medical treatments for keloid scars 2022

Retinoid cream

Retinoid cream is a derivative of retinol(vitamin A) which has been medically proven to reduce keloid appearance. Be sure to follow instructions on any type of retinoid cream you purchase over the counter.

Silicone Gel

Silicone has also been proven to be as effective as retinoid creams. If and when recommended by a doctor, be sure to follow the instructions thoroughly for the positive results you desire.

Surgical removal

Medical practitioners can help remove keloids on the ear through the use of surgery. They either use a scalpel or an electric knife. However, when not supplemented with other treatments like radiation, it has a 90% tendency of growing back. Keloid removal surgery often needs complementary treatments.

Steroid injections

Steroid injections these injections serve as preventive as well as corrective measures for keloid. This treatment gradually suppresses the keloids until they are completely flat. Steroid injections also reduce any pain or itching that may result from keloid scars.


Radiation is another kind of effective procedure that is often used to complement surgery for total keloid removal. If started immediately after surgical removal, it may reduce the recurrence to 10%. This is so because keloid scars are sensitive to X-ray radiation.

Pressure treatment

After a keloid surgery, keeping pressure on the affected area reduces airflow, thereby enabling permanent keloid removal. This method has proven to be impeccably effective in keeping keloids away from reoccurring.

Non-surgical removal

There are several nonsurgical methods of removing keloids. They help in shrinking it down. These non-surgical methods include;

  • Cryotherapy
  • Corticosteroid
  • Laser treatment

Are you battling with a keloid scar?

There are numerous treatments for keloids in 2022, consult our medical specialists at the London keloid scar clinic who are well seasoned in the treatment of keloid scars and hypertrophic scars. They would do a proper examination and discuss with you to choose the best treatments after proper explanations of the pros and cons of each procedure. Book your consultation session here to get started on the journey of gaining your body confidence back. No matter the area where it is, it can be removed with the right procedure.

Final words

Everybody desires a perfect life, perfect skin, perfect everything, even though we know it is not possible to be perfect. However, perfect skin is what you can strive for. Afterall we  weren’t born with a scar. If keloid is what is hindering your perfect skin, you do not have to give up . Seek medical advice and explore several innovative treatments for keloid in 2022. That scar less skin is achievable! 

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This article will take you through the best treatments for keloids in 2022. It will expose you to numerous ways to get it done, both gradually and permanently.

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