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Is my keloid scar getting worse?

Keloid scars don’t go away on their own and many of our patients here at The London Keloid Scar Clinic, repeatedly comment that over time, they feel that their keloid scars could actually be getting worse, and ask if this is possible. The fact of the matter is that when a keloid scar is associated with a surgical incision or accidental skin injury, the scar tissue continues to grow for some time after the wound has closed.

Keloid scars can, in fact, become larger than the skin injury itself and can become more and more visible before reaching their final size. Therefore, if you are experiencing keloid scarring, you may be in that mid-growth stage, and if not treated, the scar could become much more pronounced, bulbous and noticeable. So it’s wise to act fast.

Keloid scarring is a genetic condition, and most people who experience this phenomenon need to be extra careful with their skin. A simple scratch or ear piercing can set off a keloid reaction and some holistic treatments, which would be fine for regular scars, can actually make keloids worse. Therefore, it’s vital that you consult with a medical specialist who is an expert in this field, as not all keloid scars will require the same type of treatment.

Having an initial consultation with one of our keloid practitioners here at The London Keloid Scar Clinic will enable them to examine your scar, discuss when you obtained the skin injury or trauma and offer you expert advice on which types of treatment could be successful in reducing or even eradicating the scar and managing further scar growth.

Treatments can include simple steroid injections (following surgical removal), silicone pads, laser therapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and topical medicated creams.

Everyone is unique, and discussing your options before making a decision on which treatment would be best for you, is hugely important. There can be some medical reasons that can prevent or restrict a keloid scar treatment from going ahead. We will always check your medical history here at our Harley Street clinic, so that we can be sure that you are well enough to undergo any of our suggested treatments. We will also provide you with comprehensive aftercare advice and will create a management plan, so that we maintain regular contact with you, following any procedure or treatment, ensuring that the risk of the keloid re-occurring is kept to a minimum.

Keloid scars can be unpleasant and can cause discomfort, pain, emotional embarrassment and confidence issues, and our team here at The London Keloid Scar Clinic see patients every day who experience the trauma and upset of visible keloid scarring. Therefore, we are empathic and understanding and passionate about offering the most up-to-date, clinically proven and state-of-the-art treatments and technology so that you can feel comfortable when you visit us, as well as confident that we can effectively solve the problem of your keloid scarring. We want to make your visit with us as pleasant and calming as possible, so we make it our mission to offer you a relaxing environment, professional and discreet care, as well as highly specialised expertise on keloid treatment and subsequent home management.

Don’t let your keloid scar get worse – contact us today

Keloid scarring isn’t something that everyone knows about. But it also doesn’t need to be something everybody has to see or we all have to endure. Modern medicine means that you can quickly and safely reduce or remove your keloid scars, here at our London clinic, in a safe, medically regulated and beautifully peaceful environment, for a calm and comfortable experience.

Contact our private clinic for more information or to book a consultation with a member of our team. Finance is available on treatment plans, and we offer a free online estimate service to all enquirers.

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