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Treating keloid scarring on the body

Keloid scarring on the body: Keloid scarring can affect many people of all skin types – but especially those with darker skins. If you are someone who experiences keloid scars, you’ll know they can appear anywhere on the face or body, when the skin has previously undergone some form of trauma (cutting, burning, piercing, acne, infection etc).

Keloid is thought to be an excessive build-up of collagen, a substance in the body which is produced in order to help healing, when the skin is injured. In the case of a keloid, the body does not seem to know when to stop this collagen production and the result can be a raised, lumpy or nodule-like scar.

The odd thing about keloid scarring is that it doesn’t sometimes happen straight away but can appear up to 2 years after the original skin injury. This means that it can be frightening and emotionally upsetting for anyone who notices these sudden changes, sometimes years after a particular trauma. Some may not realise that it is a keloid and not know that there are ways to get rid of keloid scarring and even prevent further reoccurrence.

At The London Keloid Scar Clinic, in Harley Street, at the heart of West London and the hub of cosmetic medicine, we offer a range of specialised treatments to combat keloid scarring for both men and women and for the face and the body. Our medical specialists in this field have researched all of the treatments available and we have been able to help thousands of patients who experience keloid scarring and in 70% of cases, permanently.

Treatments for keloid scarring consist of surgical removal, where the scarring is specially ‘shaved’ away so that as much of the scar tissue is removed, steroid injections, which help to gradually break down and flatten keloid scarring, as well as chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Your practitioner will decide which treatment is best for your specific keloid condition, depending on the location of the scar and it’s severity as well as your personal preference, in a pre-treatment consultation here at the clinic.

How long does a treatment for keloid scars on the body take?

The time a keloid treatment takes overall will depend on the method used. For example, if it is surgical removal, the process will take around an hour (including numbing time) and the results can be permanent. If it is steroid injections, chemotherapy or radiation you are opting for, expect to return to the clinic once a month for a series of treatments before the optimum results can be seen. In cases of surgical removal, you may still need to return to the clinic for preventative steroid injections in order to make sure that the scars do not reoccur.

Why should I choose The London Keloid Scar Clinic for my keloid treatment?

Keloid scarring can be difficult to treat and should only be undertaken by a fully qualified and experienced medical practitioner who fully understands and recognises the condition. At The London Keloid Scar Clinic, our team of specialist doctors have extensive experience in the removal and management of keloid in both men and women of all ages.

Dr Salinda Johnson has spent decades researching and treating keloid scars and has achieved superb results for thousands of her patients. She has developed our signature keloid treatments, which utilise one or more methods, in order to obtain the very best results for our patients.

With our expertise and duty of care, as well as adhering to all CQC and GMC regulations, you can be sure of a safe, proven and effective treatment for your keloid scars, with ongoing success.

Keloid scars can be a worrying condition and relying on an expert to guide you through a bespoke treatment plan and to take care of you from the start of your treatment to when you are discharged from the clinic can mean the difference between an ‘ok’ treatment and an ‘outstanding’ one. Putting your trust in our fully-qualified medical team will ensure that you receive the safest, clinically-proven procedures in a fully-regulated clinical environment.

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