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Sadie Sophia-Carter

I can honestly say that I would 100% recommend anyone suffering with a skin condition or Keloid scar like myself to visit this clinic. The staff are very attentive. The doctor who did my surgery was very realistic about my expectations and I will be coming back every few weeks for steroid injections to prevent re-growth. Also, there was no pain whatsoever during the procedure. Once again thank you so much!

L Horreh

The service from when you entre to when you leave is so amazing.

I went in for a Keloid removal and the care I got was outstanding. Even the aftercare once the procedure is complete so thorough and they supply you with more than you need to ensure the best outcome. Also, if you need a follow up like me, your next appointment is booked before you leave so you have nothing to worry about.
ii would highly recommend the clinic, if you unsure like i was before I booked the appointment, simply contact them via email or phone call and they will answer all your queries with the utmost transparency.

For the Clinic keep doing what you are doing!


If you have a keloid, I’d definately recommend going to Dr Salinda for treatment. I’m very happy with the way that my ear is healing and the fact that she uses two methods to prevent it from recurring.

Susan Chihota

Was received and attended to promptly at the London Cosmetic Clinic.Got a keloid on my ear removed by Dr.Salinda Johnson.Very grateful for removing the keloid. She explained all i had to do to nurse my ear after the surgery.All the staff very helpful.I would without hesitation recommend anyone needing some surgey or skin care to book with London Cosmetic Clinic.Once again thank you very much Dr Johnson.

Alicia Larmond

I had a keloid removal done at the clinic and I was very pleased with my results ! Lovely friendly staff , good customer service , and a really good experience all together ! I was seen by Dr Salinda Johnson who did my keloid procedure and she did a amazing job what I expected and what I wanted from the removal I got as my outcome ! I would really recommend this clinic if you are suffering from keloids , I have suffered with keloids for a year and a half today I am keloid free and very confident!

Stephanie Oftei-Ntow

Dr Salinda Johnson is lovely!!! She has helped me so much. My initial consultation with her was very thorough and she made everything easy for me to understand.

Her prices are really affordable and her quality service is impeccable. I had my operation to remove my keloid and my post operation treatment has been great.

I am currently doing a course of steroid injections and I am extremely happy with the results.

I am really glad I discovered the London Cosmetic Clinic!

Suzy Clasper

I had such a good experience with the LCC! The staff were super friendly and informative, the waiting area was beautiful, and Dr Salinda Johnson was so lovely! She was very knowledgeable about keloids and the whole process (keloid shave and steroid injection) was so quick and virtually painless.

Saint Shads

No doubt I was left in very good hands, made me feel welcome and comfortable throughout my keloid removal process from the get go. We went through the plan and executed; no stalling, no delays, no setbacks.

Thanks to the whole London Cosmetic Clinic team!

Abroad with Auri

I had a keloid scar removal at this clinic and had a great experience. The staff were so friendly and welcoming, they made me feel comfortable the whole time. Everything was explained very clearly and all of my questions were answered. The price was reasonable too. Dr Johnson did a wonderful job on my scar and I’m so pleased with the results, I feel so much more confident. Would highly recommend this place!!

Mardiyyah Chowdury

Easiest, best keloid removal! Lovely and welcoming staff, definitely recommend!

Katherine Brunt

I visited the clinic to have a keloid removed, and I was made to feel so welcome and calm by all of the members of staff! I’m so impressed with the results of my surgery, and it’s never a chore to revisit for my injections. I would definitely recommend the London cosmetic clinic ?

Cameron Nisbett

I would highly recommend this clinic. The staff are really friendly and helpful. The keloid treatment was professionally done and very effective. Very pleased with the results!

Kameron Myrie

I went to the clinic to have steroid injections for keloids I have on my chest. Emma, Pia and Dr Rotsaert were absolutely amazing and super friendly.
I arrived over 30 minutes late, and was still seen straight away without being made to feel bad by any of the ladies.
I would definitely recommend the clinic and will be visiting again for future procedures.

Quentin Rankin

Amazing staff super attentive and really make you feel welcome, the doctors are amazing I had a keloid surgically removed and it couldn’t look any better would definitely recommend!!!

Leanna Sewdatnarine

Amazing service – no complaints at all. I had a keloid removal with several steroid injections afterwards, each time the service was as good as the last. The staff are so friendly and keep you in the loop with what’s going on. I’d highly recommend getting treatment here!

Andullahi Omar

London cosmetics clinic are my life saver, I had keloids for 8 years tried different ways different methods costing me almost $3000 in 5 year period till I came across London cosmetics clinics my keloids are gone my therapy check up finish all in 5 months period I cannot be much happier thank you dr selanda Johnson piar and the rest of the wonderful young female stuff I highly and truely appreciated making me happy with my looks love you.

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